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Stay Home Tour - Crew Benefit

Stay Home Tour - Crew Benefit

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A tour shirt we can all relate to during this crazy time! This design was originally only released to members of my Patreon page, but with their permission and by popular demand, we’re releasing a special “Crew” version to the public for a good cause!

Like so many others around the world, our incredible Alice Cooper crew are out of work right now and some are seriously struggling. Our techs, sound and light engineers, and production staff are the hard working people behind the scenes that make the amazing show you guys see every night possible. The profits from the sales of this shirt will go directly to our crew family members to help them through this time.

  • Printed on 100% cotton t-shirt for your comfort
  • Featuring the 'Stay Home Tour' design by Nita Strauss on the front, and mock tour dates on the back with "Crew" designation