The fans have spoken and Nita has been voted the best guitarist of the year by Metal Injection’s followers.

Nita says: “One of the questions I get asked often in my clinics and workshops is if it bothers me to always be in a separate list or article. There are “Great Guitarists” and then there are “Great Female Guitarists” and I’m generally in the second category. It honestly doesn’t bother me at all when that happens, I’m thrilled to get the recognition and it’s certainly no secret that I’m a girl and I play guitar. ??‍?

But this… not only getting on the big list but being voted for by YOU GUYS, the fans… this is incredibly, wonderfully special for me. I wish I could think of better words to say thank you. So I’ll just say.. to the fine folks at Metal Injection and to all of you… THANK YOU!!!! This is the cherry on top of an incredible year. I am extremely grateful ??”