Nita Strauss taps Alissa White-Gluz for single “The Wolf You Feed”

Guitarist Nita Strauss has unveiled the new single “The Wolf You Feed” featuring Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz, along with an accompanying music video. Strauss and White-Gluz make for a mighty duo on the hard-hitting track. Strauss lays down dynamic riffs and the masterful shredding she became known for as the lead guitarist in Alice Cooper’s touring band. Meanwhile, White-Gluz wields her imitable harsh-clean vocal style, which will be immediately recognizable to fans of her work in Arch Enemy. The track follows Strauss’ 2021 rock hit “Dead Inside,” which featured Disturbed’s David Draiman. It would seem Strauss is set on tapping A-list vocalists for her as-yet-unannounced second solo album, with “The Wolf You Feed” fulfilling the guitarist’s longtime desire to collaborate with Alissa White-Gluz.

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